SMB Records Management We get it right because we care

Why SMB?

SMB constantly strive to set new standards for customer care, quality service, operations and are very flexible in our approach

Every organization runs more efficiently by being in complete control of the information it creates, from point of creation, preserving and destruction. SMB can help you to become more effective assisting you with the circle of life of your data. All documents are stored and tracked with our own unique reference number which can be associated to your own document description. All items are scanned at every touch point, pick, delivery, collection and re-file. This enables a robust and secure scanning process, with historical information. This process gives our customers the confidence that their items can always be located when needed. Unlike other document storage companies SMB have thought how we can make life easier for their customer and have a unique tiered pricing structure that make your storage invoices that much easier to understand.

Services: Are you running out of space to store your boxes? Are these boxes getting in the way? Can you utilise the space more effectively? Our document storage solutions will help, giving you back the much needed space with in your office and our file management service ensures that you know just what is inside each box.

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